Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Number
Carbon Export associated with a Frontal Region in the California Current System Mike Stukel 07/31/15 224
Carbon balance of former grass- and agricultural- lands converted to annual and perennial crops Michael Abraha 07/20/15 78
Canopy diversity in relation to carbon fluxes, water use and spectral reflectance in North American forests Scott Ollinger 07/30/15 197
Canopy and litter interception vary with forest age in the southern Appalachian Mountains Christine Sobek 07/31/15 238
Broader Impacts: Lessons learned from designing, implementing, and sustaining place-based citizen science projects Monica Elser 07/14/15 64
Blazing a trail for a diversity of visitors: KBS LTER research walking trails Kara Haas 07/31/15 236
Bioerosion by the sea urchin Echinometra mathaei modulates coral recruitment in Moorea, French Polynesia Stella Swanson 07/14/15 67
Beyond arctic and alpine: the influence of winter climate on temperate ecosystems Laura Ladwig 06/29/15 32
BES Education - Teaching Ecology In and Of Schoolyards and Urban Ecosystems Alan Berkowitz 07/31/15 243
Belowground Decomposition Rate Thresholds and Their Relationship to Plant Community State Change Along a Virginia Barrier Island Dune/Swale Transect Matt Smith 05/01/15 5
Bacterial metacommunity structure across a stream network Nathan Wisnoski 07/31/15 230
Bacterial Community Response to Iron Availability in the California Current Ecosystem Lauren Manck 07/13/15 63
Autonomous year-round sampling sheds light on Antarctica’s polar night Jeff Patriarche 07/30/15 174
Assessing the relationship between rainfall and nutrient concentrations in the coastal Everglades Mario Londono 07/28/15 133
Assessing the relationship between dust events and water chemistry in the Tempe Town Lake time-series data Hilairy Hartnett 07/24/15 100
Assessing Pathways to Potential N2O Emissions in Different Land Use Systems Using Targeted Pyrotag, Whole Metagenome and Soil Assay Approaches Brendan O'Neill 07/31/15 234
Assessing microbial ecosystem function across two polar extremes Jeff Bowman 07/01/15 37
Asian invasive earthworms in the urban and suburban forests in Baltimore: species identities, competition, and the effects on C dynamics Chih-Han Chang 07/08/15 51
Asexual budding and aggregated spatial distribution of fungiid corals from disturbed reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia Hannah Nelson 07/29/15 153
Arts and Humanities Efforts in the LTER Network: Understanding Perceived Values and Challenges Lissy Goralnik 03/30/15 1