Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Student Posters

Title Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Number
Effect of local variability in erosional resistance on large‐scale morphodynamic response of salt marshes to wind waves and extreme events Nicoletta Leonardi 08/21/15 298
Hyporheic mesocosms: Conceptual design, and instrumentation – Evaluating performance of each column by using a conservative tracer (NaCl) and developing methods to study carbon biogeochemistry Satish Serchan 08/19/15 296
Fire-mediated habitat use patterns of moose in boreal Alaska Casey Brown 08/18/15 295
Root and arbuscular mycorrhizal exudation under different global change scenarios Clare Kazanski 08/18/15 294
Seasonality in the use of heterogeneous terrain by a territorial habitat specialist, the American pika Aidan Beers 08/14/15 291
Directionality, Magnitude, and Duration of Precipitation Extremes Within a Mesic Grassland Andrew Felton 08/12/15 290
Seasonal variation in xanthophyll-cycle pigments among species with contrasting water use strategies Shan Kothari 08/07/15 287
Could nitrogen deposition and warmer temperatures make the Rocky Mountain alpine vulnerable to non-native plant species invasions? Teal Potter 08/05/15 280
The spatially explicit influence of neighborhood scale shrub-grass interactions during grassland-to-shrubland state transition. Nate Pierce 07/31/15 278
Key drought tolerant traits of several dominant plant species in a tallgrass prairie Robert Griffin-Nolan 07/31/15 275
Differences in ecological thresholds to nitrogen deposition among Rocky Mountain alpine meadow ecosystems Amber Churchill 07/31/15 269
Niche Filtering of Microbial Communities in an Alpine Watershed Eli Gendron 07/31/15 266
Trophic resources to subtidal suspension feeders Christie Yorke 07/31/15 265
Trace Gas Flux through snowpack at Niwot Ridge Samuel Rossabi 07/31/15 262
A Decade of Bacterial Community Dynamics In Eutrophic Lake Mendota Robin Rohwer 07/31/15 260
Interactions between chronic and extreme climate change: a belowground perspective Ingrid Slette 07/31/15 259
Does dispersal matter? Differential seed dispersal patterns in urban vacant lot habitats Dorothy Borowy 07/31/15 258
Hydrologic Conditions in West and Seven Palm Lake Drainage Systems in the Florida Everglades Joshua Allen 07/31/15 256
Drivers of species dispersal between donor and recipient habitats of Common snook in the Florida Coastal Everglades Abid Khan 07/31/15 254
Phylogeny and Phylogeography of Eudorylaimus in Victoria Land, Antarctica Sarah Wright 07/31/15 251