Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Number
Root and arbuscular mycorrhizal exudation under different global change scenarios Clare Kazanski 08/18/15 294
Sampling Intensity and Uncertainty in Leaf Litterfall Mass and Nutrient Flux in Northern Hardwoods Yang Yang 07/31/15 209
Santa Barbara Channel Biodiversity Observation Network Robert Miller 07/31/15 244
SBC sLTER: Place-based Ocean Science Education Scott Simon 08/25/15 297
Scaling nested measurements of biogeochemical rates across prairie stream reaches with varying biotic and abiotic characteristics. Matt Trentman 07/26/15 106
Scaling properties of rainfall-runoff generation processes and nutrient flushing in the Oregon Cascade Mountains. Part 2: Relation between rainfall runoff and nutrient flushing in the Oregon Cascade Mountains Lydia Nickolas 07/28/15 130
Scaling properties of rainfall-runoff generation processes and nutrient flushing mechanisms in the Oregon Cascade Mountains. Part 1: Hydrologic modelling incorporating electrical conductivity and water stable isotopes Catalina Segura 07/28/15 132
Seasonal effects of microhabitat structure on sub-surface microclimates in blocky debris Chris Ray 06/08/15 13
Seasonal variation in xanthophyll-cycle pigments among species with contrasting water use strategies Shan Kothari 08/07/15 287
Seasonality in the use of heterogeneous terrain by a territorial habitat specialist, the American pika Aidan Beers 08/14/15 291
Seasonally varied controls of climate and phenophase on terrestrial carbon dynamics Benjamin Ruddell 07/30/15 172
Sediment carbon concentrations vary spatially within a restored eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadow—implications for seagrass ‘blue carbon’ accounting Matthew Oreska 07/31/15 206
Shifts in bacterial and fungal community structure and functional potential along a boreal forest successional gradient Mary-Cathrine Leewis 07/31/15 271
Shifts in dynamic regime of an invasive lady beetle are linked to the invasion and insecticidal management of its prey Christie Bahlai 07/08/15 52
Simplifying a lake to 10,000 data points: Using spatial analysis to detect an impending regime shift Vince Butitta 07/31/15 211
Simulated hurricane treatment reduces basidiomycete litter mat cover in subtropical wet forest D Lodge 07/04/15 44
Simulated U.S. Drought Response to Interannual and Decadal Pacific SST Variability Robert Burgman 08/07/15 286
SITES – A Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science Ola Langvall 08/06/15 283
Soil ciliates of the McMurdo Dry Valleys: who, where, and what? Andy Thompson 07/30/15 179
Soil microbial activity responses to long-term nitrogen addition and annual burning in tallgrass prairie Lydia Zeglin 07/31/15 250