Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Number
"Finding NIMO" - Exploring ideas for a new Network Information Management Organization Philip Tarrant 07/27/15 121
28 Years of Landsat 5 TM and external forcing data for analysis of Spartina biomass on the Central Georgia coast John O'Donnell 07/27/15 111
A common, LTER sponsored, solution for Ecological Information Management (DEIMS) Inigo San Gil 07/27/15 113
A conceptual model for predicting the ecological effects of coastal armoring in soft-sediment environments Jenifer Dugan 07/31/15 233
A Decade of Bacterial Community Dynamics In Eutrophic Lake Mendota Robin Rohwer 07/31/15 260
A paleoecological record of historical hurricane events from the Florida Everglades Qiang Yao 07/16/15 74
A response of soils thermal regime to changing climate in McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: a modeling approach Maciek Obryk 07/30/15 193
A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Land Use and Water Quality in Southern Miami Dade County Mario Londono 07/30/15 180
A three-pronged approach to understanding how fire and mammalian herbivory interact to influence post-fire forest growth and composition in interior Alaska Alexandra Conway 06/01/15 9
Altitudinal and Seasonal Variation of Collembola (Hexapoda: Entognatha) in the Luquillo Montains, Puerto Rico Marcela Ospina 06/15/15 20
An Investigation into Groundwater Recharge Dynamics and Hydrologic Connectivity in a Subalpine Mountainous Headwater Catchment, Colorado, USA Kelsey Dailey 07/31/15 208
Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) assemblages in aspen-dominated versus black spruce-dominated post-fire successional trajectories in boreal black spruce forest of interior Alaska Alexandria Wenninger 07/09/15 59
Ant community level response to soil warming and nitrogen addition in a temperate forest Sydne Record 07/21/15 85
Anthropogenic sources of carbon in the McMurdo Dry Valleys Alia Khan 07/31/15 229
Arctic biodiversity through the Anthropocene: Ecological and evolutionary implications of rapid community change Andrew Hope 07/29/15 164
Arctic LTER: Climate Change and Changing Disturbance Regimes in Arctic Landscapes Gaius Shaver 07/16/15 75
Are critical ecosystem thresholds defined by the magnitude or duration of exogenous forcing? Zak Ratajczak 06/12/15 17
Arthropods and nutrient mineralization in green litter decomposition in a simulated hurricane experiment. Ivia Moreno 07/20/15 79
Arts and Humanities Efforts in the LTER Network: Understanding Perceived Values and Challenges Lissy Goralnik 03/30/15 1
Asexual budding and aggregated spatial distribution of fungiid corals from disturbed reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia Hannah Nelson 07/29/15 153