Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Numbersort icon
Recent increase in the release of carbon dioxide from arctic tundra ecosystems in Alaska Eugenie Euskirchen 08/06/15 282
SITES – A Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science Ola Langvall 08/06/15 283
Nitrogen Isotopes in the California Current Ecosystem-LTER Domain in August 2014 Lihini Aluwihare 08/06/15 284
Environmental sensor applications at USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests: The Smart Forest Network John Campbell 08/07/15 285
Simulated U.S. Drought Response to Interannual and Decadal Pacific SST Variability Robert Burgman 08/07/15 286
Seasonal variation in xanthophyll-cycle pigments among species with contrasting water use strategies Shan Kothari 08/07/15 287
The Toolbox Approach to Enhanced Collaboration, Communication, and Integration in Cross-Disciplinary Research Michael O'Rourke 08/08/15 288
Marsh-atmosphere exchange of CO2 in a New England salt marsh Inke Forbrich 08/12/15 289
Directionality, Magnitude, and Duration of Precipitation Extremes Within a Mesic Grassland Andrew Felton 08/12/15 290
Seasonality in the use of heterogeneous terrain by a territorial habitat specialist, the American pika Aidan Beers 08/14/15 291
Luminous ID: Alpine plant recognition and field guide smartphone app developed for Niwot Ridge LTER Jane Smith 08/15/15 292
Century-scale Variations in Plant and Soil Nitrogen Pools, Isotopic Composition, and Microbial Processes in Northern Hardwood Forests Christine Goodale 08/18/15 293
Root and arbuscular mycorrhizal exudation under different global change scenarios Clare Kazanski 08/18/15 294
Fire-mediated habitat use patterns of moose in boreal Alaska Casey Brown 08/18/15 295
Hyporheic mesocosms: Conceptual design, and instrumentation – Evaluating performance of each column by using a conservative tracer (NaCl) and developing methods to study carbon biogeochemistry Satish Serchan 08/19/15 296
SBC sLTER: Place-based Ocean Science Education Scott Simon 08/25/15 297
Coweeta (CWT) and the temperate montane deciduous forest of the southern Appalachians: Topographically complex, climatically variable, disturbed at multiple time scales, and human modified and utilized Rhett Jackson 08/28/15 298
Effect of local variability in erosional resistance on large‐scale morphodynamic response of salt marshes to wind waves and extreme events Nicoletta Leonardi 08/21/15 298