Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Numbersort icon
Carbon balance of former grass- and agricultural- lands converted to annual and perennial crops Michael Abraha 07/20/15 78
Effects of a gradient in herbivore pressure on coral reef algal community dynamics Samantha Davis 07/17/15 77
The Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research Project Merryl Alber 07/17/15 76
Arctic LTER: Climate Change and Changing Disturbance Regimes in Arctic Landscapes Gaius Shaver 07/16/15 75
A paleoecological record of historical hurricane events from the Florida Everglades Qiang Yao 07/16/15 74
The Jornada Basin Long Term Ecological Research Program Debra Peters 07/16/15 73
New England Forest Landscape Futures; Scenarios of Harvest, Development, and Climate Change Matthew Duveneck 07/16/15 72
Long-term aging and degradation of microplastic particles: comparing in situ oceanic and experimental weathering patterns Jennifer Brandon 07/15/15 71
Unexpected changes in soil C in a native grassland subjected to extreme disturbance and precipitation regimes Kevin Wilcox 07/15/15 70
Chronic nutrient enrichment in grasslands increases vulnerability to drought: multiple studies in a single long-term experiment Sally Koerner 07/15/15 69
Does litter impart a detectable chemical signal on soil DOC? DOC fluorescence signatures in H.J. Andrews soils undergoing long-term litter manipulations Kate Lajtha 07/15/15 68
Bioerosion by the sea urchin Echinometra mathaei modulates coral recruitment in Moorea, French Polynesia Stella Swanson 07/14/15 67
Elevated pCO2 Increases Respiration of DOC by Natural Bacterioplankton Anna James 07/14/15 66
Roles and Controls of Snowmelt in Alpine Groundwater Recharge Alice Hill 07/14/15 65
Broader Impacts: Lessons learned from designing, implementing, and sustaining place-based citizen science projects Monica Elser 07/14/15 64
Bacterial Community Response to Iron Availability in the California Current Ecosystem Lauren Manck 07/13/15 63
Forecasting regional grassland and shrubland responses to directional changes in climate using multi-year dry or wet periods Debra Peters 07/13/15 62
Causes and consequences of annual variation in disturbance in salt marsh plant communities Shanze Li 07/11/15 61
Quantifying the magnitude and predictability of community changes: a new framework for studying and a meta-analysis of community responses to global change drivers Meghan Avolio 07/10/15 60
Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) assemblages in aspen-dominated versus black spruce-dominated post-fire successional trajectories in boreal black spruce forest of interior Alaska Alexandria Wenninger 07/09/15 59