Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Submitted Poster Number
Effects of surface and sub-surface temperature on the activity budget of a microhabitat specialist Chris Ray 06/08/15 14
Effects of repeated hurricane disturbance on a tropical wet forest Sarah Stankavich 07/22/15 86
Effects of ocean acidification and water flow on calcification, photosynthesis, and respiration for different morphologies of coralline algae Sarah Merolla 07/29/15 147
Effects of long term precipitation and nitrogen manipulation on root growth in a semi-arid grassland Josh Haussler 07/31/15 240
Effects of krill demography on the foraging behavior and habitat use patterns of Adelie (Pygoscelis adeliae) and Gentoo (Pygoscelis papua) penguins breeding at Palmer Station, Antarctica Erin Pickett 07/08/15 54
Effects of interannual precipitation variability on aboveground net primary production in global grasslands Laureano Gherardi 07/29/15 165
Effects of Increased Water Salinity and Inundation on Microbial Processing of Carbon and Nutrients in Oligohaline Wetland Soils Shelby Servais 07/31/15 216
Effects of fine-scaled heterogeneity in urban landscape elements on evapotranspiration and other water fluxes Carolyn Voter 07/29/15 156
Effects of Climate Signals on River Discharge to Georgia Estuaries Joan Sheldon 06/18/15 21
Effects of a gradient in herbivore pressure on coral reef algal community dynamics Samantha Davis 07/17/15 77
Effect of temperature on the Antarctic nematode Scottnema lindsayae Matt Knox 07/31/15 264
Effect of local variability in erosional resistance on large‐scale morphodynamic response of salt marshes to wind waves and extreme events Nicoletta Leonardi 08/21/15 298
Effect of agricultural management on soil aggregates as determined from computed microtomography images Michelle Quigley 07/30/15 184
Ecology of foreclosure: Post-recession vegetation characteristics of urban landscapes Julie Ripplinger 07/31/15 253
Ecological Transitions in the California Current Ecosystem Mark Ohman 07/30/15 194
Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) EnviroSensing Cluster Donald Henshaw 07/29/15 167
Drivers of species dispersal between donor and recipient habitats of Common snook in the Florida Coastal Everglades Abid Khan 07/31/15 254
Does litter impart a detectable chemical signal on soil DOC? DOC fluorescence signatures in H.J. Andrews soils undergoing long-term litter manipulations Kate Lajtha 07/15/15 68
Does dispersal matter? Differential seed dispersal patterns in urban vacant lot habitats Dorothy Borowy 07/31/15 258
Documenting and Perpetuating Long-Term Ecological Research: History and Historical Preservation at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Samuel Schmieding 07/28/15 125