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From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Hemlock: A Documentary

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Julia Schock
Rich Bowden
Michael Keeley

The hemlock woolly adelgid [Adelges tsugae] is an invasive species encroaching upon Northwestern Pennsylvania.  This pest attacks eastern hemlock trees [Tsuga canadensis], and within five years of infestation, kills them completely.  Within decades, this magnificent tree will likely be eliminated from the landscape.  Through the art of filmmaking, I have captured the essence of the hemlock trees by highlighting their wintertime interactions with humans and wildlife.  Through interviews with a variety of forest experts and enthusiasts, including Dr. David Foster and Dr. David Orwig from the Harvard Forest, I collected pertinent information about the importance of hemlocks as a foundation species that provides precious ecosystem services.  Ultimately, my film, simply titled Hemlock, conveys the sadness in losing the keystone species Tsuga canadensis, and teaches students and forest-owners about the widespread effects that the loss of hemlock will have in the coming century.