Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Site Description / Science Poster (Sunday)

Research at the Hubbard Brook LTER

Poster Number:  185 Presenter/Primary Author:  Gary Lovett The Hubbard Brook (HBR) Experimental Forest LTER project began in 1988, drawing on a history of fore

Research at the Andrews Forest: LTER7 (2014–2020)

Poster Number:  178 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lina DiGregorio The HJ Andrews Experimental Forest is a 64 km2 watershed spanning 400 to 1600 m elevation on the west slope of the Cascade Range, Oregon.

Plum Island Ecosystems LTER

Poster Number:  177 Presenter/Primary Author:  Anne Giblin The Plum Island Ecosystems (PIE) LTER site was established in 1998 and consists of a linked watershed-marsh-estuarine system located north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Virginia Coast Long-Term Ecological Research: Drivers, Dynamics and Consequences of Non-linear Change in Coastal Barrier Systems

Poster Number:  171 Presenter/Primary Author:  Karen McGlathery The Virginia Coast Reserve (VCR) is a heterogeneous landscape with mainland watersheds, tidal marshes, mudflats, shallow coastal bays, and barrier islands.

Updates from the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research Program

Poster Number:  162 Presenter/Primary Author:  Evelyn Gaiser The Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE LTER) program focuses on South Florida, where the expansive coastal Everglades wilderness interacts with an urban and agricultural