Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

LTER Information Managers Meeting - (Invitation only)

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Meeting Agenda:

Morning Business Session Convenes at 8:00

08:00 - Welcome and summary of agenda
08:15 - Floor nominations for election candidates
08:20 - WG reports (TBC)
08:45 - Elevator pitches for IM led working groups sessions
09:00 - Latest NIMO updates
09:15 - Elections for IMC chairs, IMExec members, NISAC members
09:45 - Election results

10:00 - Break: Coffee in Assembly Hall foyer

10:30 - Visitor : Peter Groffman - EB's ideas for what this org could do that will improve network support
11:00 - Breakouts, NIMO development


  • Multiple working group sessions with regular report-back to ensure ideas stay in step.
  • Sessions are short (<1 hr), with report-back in scrum format (eg, no sitting or getting comfortable).
  • Report-back will be 1-2 minute summary of previous hour plus issue highlighting
  • Issues that cannot be resolved on the spot will be place in the "refrigerator" for later action
  • Each group will have: desired end-of-day product, time-manager.
  • People can choose which working group they want to participate in, but...
  • People commit to one working group for the entire time. Moving around would require rehashing, and slow down progress.

Topics (list to be confirmed/modified on the day):
1. Define service framework, core and additional, creative activities
2. Define "strawman" process for science input. This will be a topic for discussion with scientists during the Wednesday PM working group session.
3. Committee structure, interactions, and relationship (to include anticipated changes in IMC committees, etc).
4. Technical infrastructure, management processes.
5. Continue budget development.

12:15 Lunch

1:00 - Visitor: Saran Twombly (LTER Program Officer), Q&A on topic of how NSF sees NIMO working
1:30 - Breakouts continued...

3:00 - Break: Coffee in Assembly Hall foyer

3:30 - Breakouts continued...
4:30 - Wrap-up and IMC Action items

5:30 Adjourn


Philip Tarrant
Number of 2 hour sessions requested: 
Equipment requested: 
The room will have two projectors, and sound system.
Room Assignment: 
Longs Peak Diamond East and West (Capacity 200)