Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Student Posters

Title Presenter/Primary Author Submittedsort icon Poster Number
Habitat Fragmentation Alters Arctic Grayling Movement and Vital Rates Heidi Golden 07/31/15 226
Microbial biomass mineralize N but accumulate P in response to N and P fertilization in northern hardwood forests Shinjini Goswami 07/31/15 227
Hydrologic controls on biogeochemical gradients in thick layers of flocculent organic sediments in a through-flow wetland Dustin Kincaid 07/31/15 228
Anthropogenic sources of carbon in the McMurdo Dry Valleys Alia Khan 07/31/15 229
Bacterial metacommunity structure across a stream network Nathan Wisnoski 07/31/15 230
Incorporating biotic factors in species distribution modeling: are interactions with soil microbes important? Cliff Bueno De Me... 07/31/15 232
Assessing Pathways to Potential N2O Emissions in Different Land Use Systems Using Targeted Pyrotag, Whole Metagenome and Soil Assay Approaches Brendan O'Neill 07/31/15 234
Role of diversity in promoting stability in kelp forest communities Craig Koenigs 07/31/15 235
Effects of long term precipitation and nitrogen manipulation on root growth in a semi-arid grassland Josh Haussler 07/31/15 240
Constraining uncertainties in long-term particulate organic matter exports by headwater streams Francisco Guerrer... 07/31/15 241
Underlying seasonal shifts determine the effect of long-term nutrient addition on arctic tundra arthropod communities Ashley Asmus 07/31/15 246
Using large predator fish body condition to predict alligator body condition in response to hydrologic seasonality in the Florida Coastal Everglades Virginia Fourqurean 07/31/15 249
Phylogeny and Phylogeography of Eudorylaimus in Victoria Land, Antarctica Sarah Wright 07/31/15 251
Drivers of species dispersal between donor and recipient habitats of Common snook in the Florida Coastal Everglades Abid Khan 07/31/15 254
Hydrologic Conditions in West and Seven Palm Lake Drainage Systems in the Florida Everglades Joshua Allen 07/31/15 256
Does dispersal matter? Differential seed dispersal patterns in urban vacant lot habitats Dorothy Borowy 07/31/15 258
Interactions between chronic and extreme climate change: a belowground perspective Ingrid Slette 07/31/15 259
A Decade of Bacterial Community Dynamics In Eutrophic Lake Mendota Robin Rohwer 07/31/15 260
Trace Gas Flux through snowpack at Niwot Ridge Samuel Rossabi 07/31/15 262
Trophic resources to subtidal suspension feeders Christie Yorke 07/31/15 265