Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Student Posters

Title Presenter/Primary Author Submittedsort icon Poster Number
Response of Forest Insects and their Natural Enemies to Simulated Ice Storm Damage in Northern Hardwood Forests Wendy Leuenberger 04/20/15 3
Belowground Decomposition Rate Thresholds and Their Relationship to Plant Community State Change Along a Virginia Barrier Island Dune/Swale Transect Matt Smith 05/01/15 5
Critical thinking in forest management: An analysis of arguments for and against ecological forestry, with examples from O&C lands in western Oregon Chelsea Batavia 05/11/15 6
Moving beyond the exchange value: A deductive approach to nonmarket valuation and implications for conservation policy Karen Allen 05/25/15 7
The loss of foundation species revisited Allyson Degrassi 05/26/15 8
A three-pronged approach to understanding how fire and mammalian herbivory interact to influence post-fire forest growth and composition in interior Alaska Alexandra Conway 06/01/15 9
The missing carbon link: Are ag lime and groundwater irrigation sequestering carbon? Bonnie McGill 06/12/15 18
Controls on Porewater Salinity Distributions in a Southeastern Salt Marsh David Miklesh 06/15/15 19
Altitudinal and Seasonal Variation of Collembola (Hexapoda: Entognatha) in the Luquillo Montains, Puerto Rico Marcela Ospina 06/15/15 20
Responses of tidal marsh macrophytes to salinity pulses as a result of sea level rise and drought Fan Li 06/22/15 22
Hydrologic and chemical connectivity in urban accidental wetlands: implications for nitrate removal Amalia M. Handler 06/22/15 23
Changes in ecosystem carbon responses to saltwater exposure: Implications of sea level rise in the Florida coastal Everglades Ben Wilson 06/22/15 24
Fragmented water quality governance: Constraints to spatial targeting for nutrient reduction in the Yahara Watershed, Wisconsin, USA Chloe Wardropper 06/24/15 25
Physiological and functional traits of dune building grasses influence topographic structure Joseph Brown 06/25/15 28
Plant invasion (garlic mustard; Alliaria petiolata) alters fungal community composition, increases fungal diversity, and shifts dominant fungal trophic strategy Mark Anthony 06/26/15 30
Untangling the influences of shallow groundwater and soil texture on corn yield variability Samuel Zipper 06/28/15 31
Marsh-Estuary Linkages, System Metabolism and Carbon Dynamics Shiyu Wang 07/02/15 39
Voices of the Valleys: Putting the science of the McMurdo LTER program into context through oral histories Poppie Gullett 07/02/15 41
Playa Wetlands as Hot Spots of Desert Nutrient Storage and ANPP Owen McKenna 07/06/15 46
Hydrologic Controls on In-Stream Optical Dissolved Organic Matter Characteristics in an Old-Growth Forest of the Oregon Cascades Baek Soo Lee 07/07/15 49