Colorado mountains
From Long-Term Data to Understanding: Toward a Predictive Ecology
2015 LTER ASM Estes Park, CO - August 30 - September 2, 2015

Predicting ecological change: LTER in the era of big science (Tuesday)

Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Soil Microbial Community Response to Water and Organic Matter in McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Poster Number:  141 Presenter/Primary Author:  Heather Buelow Soil microbial life in the McMurdo Dry Valleys (MDV), Antarctica is known to be active during the brief austral summer, taking advantage of ephemeral glacial melt water inputs and warmer temperatur

Urban Growth in Miami-Dade County: teasing out the impacts of Land Use Policy

Poster Number:  135 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jeff Onsted Urban growth is among the most profound transformations of the landscape.  When natural or working landscapes are converted to urban uses there are implications for habitat, impervious surface

Projected future distribution of an invasive grass, Lehmann lovegrass, in the Chihuahuan Desert

Poster Number:  120 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jin Yao Lehmann lovegrass (Eragrostis lehmanniana), an invasive grass dominating many grassland sites in the Sonoran Desert, has had a limited distribution in the Chihuahuan Desert.  Climate

Effects of the legume-rhizobia mutualism on biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships under global change

Poster Number:  101 Presenter/Primary Author:  Kimberly La Pierre Ecological theory predicts that niche and relative fitness differences among plant species underlie variation in the biodiversity-productivity relationship.

Response of the diatom Encyonema evergladianum to environmental changes associated with sea level rise in the Caribbean Basin

Poster Number:  88 Presenter/Primary Author:  Viviana Mazzei The karstic, freshwater wetlands of the Everglades and Caribbean are threatened by saltwater intrusion due to sea level rise.